• Eyelash Perm w/ Eyelash Tint

      Without tint: $45

    • Cupping Facial

      Increases blood flow, lymphatic circulation and reduces puffiness and tired-looking eyes. Helps remove those bags under your eyes!

    • Kansa Wand Facial

      Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional facial massage technique, gently stimulates energy. Glowing and healing method.

    • Out with the Old! Facial Peel Series

      Includes a series of six facial treatments. This is a great price and a fantastic way to begin 2017. Out with the old!!

    • Go and Glow Lunchtime Peel

      Light 50-70% lactic acid peel, no downtime. Reduces fine lines, improves oily skin, and refreshes skin.

    • Rezenerate Deluxe Anti-Aging

      Deeper Anti-aging effect. Includes your choice of microdermabrasion or ultrasonic skin scrubber. Rezenerate-nanotechnology machine-collagen or algine mask followed by 97% pure oxygen mask.

    • Hydralux Facial

      Ultrasonic skin scrubber. Use to gently remove impurities, moisten skin surface. (Your choice of collagen or algine peel off mask.)

    • Microdermabrasion

      Microdermabrasion with collagen mask galvanic infusion. For skin rejuvenation.

    • Micro Rezenerate Facial

      Microdermabrasion and the latest nanotechnology treatment. REZENERATE with Hyaluronic serum followed by calming pure oxygen mask. Anti-Aging treatment - restores youthfulness. Clients favorite!

    • Micropeel Facial

      Microdermabrasion with light chemical peel followed by 97 % pure oxygen mask. Designed to smooth, soften the skin & brighten complexion

    • Rezenerate Anti-Aging Facial

      We now offer Rezenerate Facials using the Rezenerate Wand. Rezenerate is a pain-free cosmetic alternative to harsh treatments. It is ultra-safe, inexpensive and features single-use chips. (No danger of cross contamination.)

      The Rezenerate Anti-Aging Facial™ was designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin. This allows greater absorption of nutrients thereby hydrating and re-energizing your skin's natural beauty over the long term.

      Add a lift-off mask for only $20!

    • Fall into Fall Special
      60 min

      Package includes a 25 minute massage, 20 minute facial, 15 minute reflexology and a back scrub. Fall never felt so good!

    • Pampered Princess
      75 min

      An aromatherapy facial with a brown sugar back scrub. Plus neck, shoulder, arm and hand massages with paraffin on the hands. Includes a 20 min foot massage. Ahhhh.

    • Heavenly Body
      75 min

      A gentle body polish (removed with soothing hot towels) and an Aromatic Facial that includes a neck, shoulder, hand, arm and foot massage.

    • Couples Myrtle Beach Escape
      90 min

      Includes a 60 minute massage, back scrub and a facial!

    • Couples Royal Treatment
      75 min

      30 minute facial and a 45 minute massage.

    • Couples Mind, Body, Spirit
      90 min

      30 minute facial and 30 minute massage with back scrub, foot scrub and 15 minutes of reflexology.

    • Prince and Princess Package
      105 min

      She gets a 45 minute massage and a relaxing facial. He gets a 75 minute massage and his choice of a shower or a visit to our Relaxation Room.

    • Royal Treatment
      150 min

      Sheer indulgence. A one-hour massage and a Collagen Facial.

    • Destress Me
      165 min

      You're at your limit! You know it's time to do something for Yourself! Guaranteed to loosen you up. Our Destress Me package starts with a full body polish followed by a 45 minute massage and ends with a relaxing facial.

    • Sea Stone Package
      150 min

      A seaweed wrap followed by a hot stone massage & a collagen lift-off facial.

    • Collagen Lift-Off Facial
      75 min

      This is a full European plus a serum & lift-off mask.

    • European Facial + Massage
      135 mins

      The European Facial begins with a deep cleansing, steam, and exfoliation followed by a special hydrating mask. Our 75 minute massage is a luxurious way to release tension and re-align the body to its natural relaxed state.

    • European Facial
      60 min

      Great for first timers and periodic maintenance. Focuses on skin restoration. Includes deep cleansing exfoliation, steam, facial massage and hydration. Effects provide smooth texture, deep hydration and minimized pores!

    • Men’s Fitness Facial
      55 min

      Especially for men. This is great for first timers and periodic maintenance. Includes deep cleansing exfoliation, steam, facial massage and deep hydration. Effects provide smooth texture, deep hydration and minimized pores!

    • Relaxing Facial
      30 min

      When you need a quick pick me up, this rejuvenating facial can do it. Includes deep cleansing & aromatherapy facial massage.

    • Aromatherapy Facial
      45 min

      Great for maintenance. Same as European Facial minus the extractions.

    • Eye Treatment

      Facial Add-On. (Duration time varies.)

    • Lip Treatment

      Facial Add-On. (Duration time varies.)

    • O2 Mask